Evolution eKeys 37

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Evolution eKeys 37
Ekeys is the perfect keyboard and software starter pack for home computer users who would love to play and create music but have never known where to begin. A wide selection of music software is included which has been designed to appeal to any age-group. Whether you want to lean to play the piano, have fun with pre-school nursery rhymes, create your own compositions or mix together the included library of professionally recorded samples, eKeys does it all. 

The eKeys Keyboard 
It’s a lightweight USB keyboard with 37 mini keys and will fit in with any computer setup due to its compact design. Installation couldn’t be easier. The attached USB cable simply plugs in to any available USB socket on your computer and because the keyboard is Class compliant, installation is automatic in Windows XP and Mac OS X. Drivers have also been included for Windows 95/98/ME/2000 and Apple Mac OS 9.1 or later. Once installation has been completed, the keyboard is ready to use with the included software or any standard music package.

Picture Board 
Picture Board is a fantastic early learning tool that teaches children essentials such as numbers, animal names, household objects and the alphabet, while cleverly introducing them to the music keyboard through a fun combination of sounds and images. You can personalize Picture Board by adding your own images (bitmap files) and sounds (wav files), ideal for teaching children the names of family members! It's a great way to learn at many different levels and a perfect introduction to the keyboard.

Music Teacher 
Learning the keyboard has never been this much fun. Whether you're a beginner, intermediate player or just need a refresher course, Music Teacher includes 30 lessons to take you from the basic steps right through to playing a complete composition. Practice rhythm, pitch or both together, then get a score and comments from the teacher. You can even load in your favorite songs as MIDI files and learn all the different parts! Then play with the rest of the Music Teacher band and enjoy being part of a world-class performance.

Sound Studio II
Produce your own music with this multi-track studio. Record individual parts, vocals, live instruments, add effects, even print out the score. From a simple tune to a complex arrangement, Sound Studio can do it all. Go wild with 256 MIDI tracks, four stereo audio tracks plus two VST plug-ins and two virtual instruments. Packed full of pro features including Audio, Score and Drum editors. Sound Studio comes bundled with two full VST synthesizers, one full VST drum sample player and six more demo synths and instruments, including the best selling FM7 and B4 from Native Instruments.

- 37 mini keys
- Built in USB cable
- Powered from USB Port
- Dimensions (cm): 45 x 11 x 4 

Minimum System Requirements (PC):
- Pentium II 300MHz or higher (if using VST plug-ins then 500MHz or higher)
- 128MB RAM
- Available USB Port
- A Direct X compatible soundcard
- Windows 95, Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP 

Minimum System Requirements (MAC):
- Power Macintosh G3 or better
- 128MB RAM
- Available USB Port
- OS 9, OS X 

User guide: